Dr Andrew Bayliss

Dr Bayliss

Andrew Bayliss, PhD

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Andrew joined UEA in 2011 and is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Psychology. He gained his undergraduate degree and PhD in Psychology at Bangor University and then took up postdoctoral fellowships from the ESRC, Leverhulme Trust and the University of Queensland, Australia. His research interests include social cognition, attention and action. He uses experimental approaches with methodologies including reaction time, eye tracking, motion capture (kinematics), electroencephalography and functional neuroimaging. As well as supervising undergraduate and postgraduate research students, Andrew teaches 2nd year undergraduate Cognitive Psychology and Social Neuroscience to 3rd years and MRes students.

Dr. Andrew Bayliss‘s research is primarily concerned with aspects of social-cognitive processing, in particular interactions between attention, emotion and action in social contexts. Current research topics include: Face perception, Eye gaze processing, Objects in social interactions (e.g. personal property) and individual differences in attention.