Dr S. Gareth Edwards

Gareth is a Senior Research Associate (postdoc) on the Leverhulme Trust project ‘Examining the mechanisms underpinning shared attention’.

His main research interests focus on social attention and social cognition. Most of Gareth’s work has focused of elucidating the mechanisms involved in and consequences of leading other people eye gaze in order to establish joint attention.

Gareth completed his PhD ‘Social orienting in gaze-based interactions: Consequences of joint gaze’ here in the Bayliss Lab, School of Psychology, UEA.


Prior to heading east to Norwich, Gareth completed his MSC in Psychological research, and BSc in Psychology at the Bangor University, Wales.

Gareth has also lectured and led seminars across a number of undergraduate modules, as well as being involved with a number of additional research projects.

Areas of interest: Social attention, social cognition, joint gaze, joint attention, shared attention.


Howard, E. E., Edwards, S. G., & Bayliss, A. P. (2016). Physical and mental effort disrupts the implicit sense of agency. Cognition157, 114-125.

Dalmaso, M., Edwards, S. G., & Bayliss, A. P. (2016). Re-encountering individuals who previously engaged in joint gaze modulates subsequent gaze-cueing. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition. 42(2), 271-284.

Edwards, S. G., Stephenson, L. J., Dalmaso, M., & Bayliss, A. P. (2015). Social orienting in gaze leading: A mechanism for shared attention. Proceedings of the Royal Society: B. DOI: 10.1098/rspb.2015.1141.*

*This work was also covered by Science Magazine.

Contact: Stephen (dot) G (dot) Edwards (at) uea (dot) ac (dot) uk