Lab Alumni

Lab Alumni

PhD students

Emma Howard took up a post as a Research Assistant for Standards and Research at Ofqual, having completed her PhD in the Bayliss lab, researching modulations of our sense of agency during effortful action and cognitive resource depletion.

Cesco Willemse is now a post-doc at the Italian Institute of Technology, working with Dr Agnieszka Wykowska, having completed his PhD in the Bayliss lab.

Ella Mickleburgh completed her PhD in the Bayliss lab looking at adult attachment and social attention.

Jennifer Bowler took up a post as Experimental Officer at UEA in 2015, having previously  completing her PhD in the Bayliss lab, researching attentional processing in pain.

Visiting researchers

Roberta visited the Bayliss lab between March-Oct ’17 to investigate the role of threatening contexts on social attention. Roberta has now returned to finish her PhD at the University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy) where she works under the supervision of Prof. Simona Sacchi.

Nathalie Seibert visited the Bayliss lab as an intern as part of her Masters course at the University of Frankfurt, where she has now returned to complete her Masters.

Francesca Capozzi was a visiting PhD student (October ’14 – March ’15) from the University of Torino, Italy, working under the supervision of Cristina Becchio and Bruno Bara. As a general research interest, Francesca studies gaze behaviour in multi-agent contexts. Specifically, she is interested in investigating how gaze behaviour helps humans to manage complex social information when observing or when interacting within groups.

Mario Dalmaso was a  visiting PhD student, between October ’12 & July ’13, from Padova, Italy. Mario’s broad interests centre around Social cognition & Social attention.

Research Assistants

Catia Malvaso

Gregory Howard

Florencia Cabral

Masters Project Students

2016-17: Hailey Underwood

2015-16: Megan Thompson

2014-15: Lisa Sephenson

2013-14: Vicky Adams

Project Students

2014-15: Kerri Bailey, Peter Caudrey, Harriet Matthews, Hailey Underwood, Rachel Nelson and Georgia Trupia.

2013-14: Lisa Stephenson, Katherine Schofield, Sarah Clark, Emma Kozlowski and Katy Fogarty.

2012-13: Megan Howard, Jessica Hutchinson, Sophie Domogala, Vicky Adams, Sarah Heath, Matthew Jais, Naledi Hollbruegge and Lane Binder

2011-12: Amy Ruff; Sarah Gaskin; Emily Courtenay; Veronica Chung; Stacie Edwards; Tom Casson; Luka  Cekeverac; Annie Rust; Elodie Partridge; Oliver Dennis