Lab Alumni

Lab Alumni

PhD students

Jennifer Bowler took up a post as Experimental Officer at UEA in 2015, having previously  completing her PhD in the Bayliss lab, researching attentional processing in pain.

Visiting researchers

Francesca Capozzi was a visiting PhD student (October ’14 – March ’15) from the University of Torino, Italy, working under the supervision of Cristina Becchio and Bruno Bara. As a general research interest, Francesca studies gaze behaviour in multi-agent contexts. Specifically, she is interested in investigating how gaze behaviour helps humans to manage complex social information when observing or when interacting within groups.

Mario Dalmaso was a  visiting PhD student, between October ’12 & July ’13, from Padova, Italy. Mario’s broad interests centre around Social cognition & Social attention.

Research Assistants

Catia Malvaso

Gregory Howard

Florencia Cabral

MRes Project Students

2015-16: Megan Thompson

2014-15: Lisa Sephenson

2013-14: Vicky Adams

Project Students

2014-15: Kerri Bailey, Peter Caudrey, Harriet Matthews, Hailey Underwood, Rachel Nelson and Georgia Trupia.

2013-14: Lisa Stephenson, Katherine Schofield, Sarah Clark, Emma Kozlowski and Katy Fogarty.

2012-13: Megan Howard, Jessica Hutchinson, Sophie Domogala, Vicky Adams, Sarah Heath, Matthew Jais, Naledi Hollbruegge and Lane Binder

2011-12: Amy Ruff; Sarah Gaskin; Emily Courtenay; Veronica Chung; Stacie Edwards; Tom Casson; Luka  Cekeverac; Annie Rust; Elodie Partridge; Oliver Dennis