Jan 2018 – We are delighted to welcome Undergaduate Interns Hannah Rood and Harry Evans to the Lab for the semester.

Dec 2017 – Paper accepted! Stephenson, Edwards, Howard & Bayliss. Eyes that Bind Us: Gaze Leading Induces an Implicit Sense of Agency. Cognition. Lisa’s first first-author paper!

Nov 2017 – After a productive stint in the lab, Roberta returns to Milan to finish her PhD, while Natalie has returned to Frankfurt for her 2nd year of Masters – you’ll both be missed! Yvonne is away for training on the use of the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule 2 (Lord et al., 2012) for clinical and research purposes.

Oct 2017 – Lisa and Nathalie attended the (new) in-school MATLAB training, and Lisa presented her work to the department at the last Social Cognition Research group meeting. Yvonne and Lisa took part in the very successful Norwich Science Festival, informing the public about the science of face recognition with fun activities!

Sept 2017 – Delighted to welcome back Roberta Capellini, who is visiting the lab from Milan for a second time, and welcome also to Nathalie Siebert, who visits the lab from Goethe University Frankfurt.

June 2017 – Patricia attended the conference “Language as a form of action” in Rome, together with her DComm team. She presented the poster “Effect of distance and ownership on the use of demonstratives in development”.

May 2017 – Roberta heads back to Milan, but will be returning for a 2nd Bayliss lab stint in September!

May 2017 – Gareth, along with colleagues from UEA PSY organised 3 successful (sell out) nights of Pint of Science talks – a great engagement event!

May 2017 – Lisa presented at UEA’s workshop on Novelty, repetition and the brain.

April 2017 – Yvonne attended the Matlab for Psychology and Neuroscience course at the University of Nottingham.

March 2017Roberta joins as a visiting PhD researcher from the University of Milan

Feb 2017 –  Emma H passed her viva!

Jan 2017 – Exciting times as our Leverhulme Trust grant starts! Gareth is back, as a post-doc. We also welcome Yvonne to the lab as a PhD student of the grant. Week 1 was at EPS London, where Lisa presented a poster.

Dec 2016 –  Cesco passed his viva!

11th June 2015 – In a busy few weeks we now have 3 new papers in press!

31st March 2015 – Francesca‘s visit comes to an end as she heads back to Italy – she will be missed!

26th March 2015 – Andrew gave a research talk at the University of Aberdeen.

19th September 2014Cesco attended the “Minding the Gaps” workshop at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit in Cambridge. Talks and posters addressed the challenges of interdisciplinary developmental science.

11th September 2014 – Congratulations to Emma H, who today successfully completed her Transfer/ Upgrade.

10th September 2014 – Emma H presented her research to the department, as part of the Transfer (MPhil – PhD) process.

3rd-5th September 2014 – Cesco, Emma H and Gareth attended the fantastic Virtual Social Interaction Workshop, hosted by Antonia Hamilton at UCL, with Cesco and Gareth giving poster presentations.

August 2014 –  Andrew enjoyed a successful visit to the University of Queensland, Australia!

9th June 2014 – Andrew , Cesco, Gareth, Emma H, Emma WA, Vicky & Lisa attended UEA’s workshop on Action & Perception, with Cesco & Gareth presenting posters.

7th-10th May 2014Andrew , Cesco and Gareth attended ESCAN 2014. Andrew gave a talk on ‘following and leading social gaze’, while posters were presented by Cesco (‘Attention biases in social anxiety: Not facilitated attention towards threat, but limited processing of positive social information’) and Gareth (‘The effect of gaze leading on attention during joint attention’).

17th April 2014 – Our paper on gaze cueing and economic games came out in JEP: General this month. Also, a paper showing that mental state attribution is necessary for the gaze liking effect to emerge is forthcoming in Emotion. See the publications page for details.

20th March 2014 – The Lab enjoyed the School’s party, never failing to collect evidence.


L to R; Emma K, Lisa, Kat, Katy, Andrew, Cesco, Gareth


2nd August 2013 – Paper accepted! Schneider, D., Slaughter, V., Bayliss, A. P. & Dux, P. E. (in press). A temporally sustained implicit theory of mind deficit in Autism Spectrum Disorders. Cognition. —- Nice trilogy, Dana!

31st July 2013 – Andrew gave a talk at CogSci2013 today in the workshop on joint attention. A great day organised so well by Ulrich Pfeiffer and Maria Staudte!

17th July 2013 – Congratulations to this year’s project students Megan, Jessica, Sophie, Vicky, Sarah, Matthew, Naledi & Lane. Everyone graduated with good honours degrees – great work. A special mention to Vicky Adams who won the prize for best Laboratory Project and will be continuing her work on gaze perception in the lab during her MRes. Also to Naledi Hollbruegge who topped the year (BPS Prize for outstanding performance) – have a great time at the LSE, Naledi!

5th June 2013 – Lisa Stephenson has now officially started her EPS funded summer intern ship with the lab. Vicky Adams has also officially started her work as a RA for the lab & will be starting an MRes with us in September, having been awarded a faculty scholarship.

1st May 2013 – Andrew visited Plymouth University to give a talk.

27th April 2013 – We would like to welcome Katherine Schofield, Katy Fogarty, Sarah Clark, Emma Kozlowski & Lisa Stephenson, who will all be completing their 3rd year projects in the lab next year.

26th April 2013 -Lisa Stephenson will be completing an summer internship with the lab, having successfully applied for EPS funding.

24th April 2013 – Our current undergraduates hand in their research dissertations.

18th April 2013 Amy Dawel visits the lab & presents her research to the department.

15th-17th April 2013 Cesco & Gareth spent 3 days at Antonia Hamilton’s Matlab course in Nottingham.

18th March 2013 – Paper accepted! Rogers, R.D., Bayliss, A. P., Szepietowska, A., Dale, A., Reeder, L. Pizzamiglio, G., Czarna, K., Cowen, P. J. & Tipper, S. P. (in press). I want to help you, but I am not sure why: Gaze cueing induces altruistic giving. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

21st February 2013– Andrew has his post confirmed & is promoted to Senior lecturer.

12th February 2013– Andrew visits Cristina Becchio’s lab in Turin, Italy.

3rd/4th January 2013– Emma (Moreton), Gareth & Andrew attended the Experimental Psychology Society meeting, London.

17th December 2012– Mario & Gareth visit the BOMG meeting, Kingston University, London.

15th November 2012 – Paper accepted! Constable, Bayliss, Tipper & Kritikos in Consciousness & Cognition

5th November 2012 – Grant success! Ada Kritikos, Virginia Slaughter, Kate Sofronoff, along with Andrew (as a partner investigator) have recieved an ARC Discovery Grant to investigate the concept of ownership in young children.

27th September 2012 – Andrew will join the Editorial Board of Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology from January as an Associate Editor.

21st September 2012 – Congratulations in order for Dana Schneider, who is co-supervised by Andrew through her PhD at UQ in Australia. Dana has won the UQ Psychology Postgraduate Student Research Excellence Award 2012. Her award was in recognition for her excellent research on Theory of Mind that has yielded two recent top-notch publications in Psychological Science and in JEP: General.

18th September 2012 – Paper accepted, Andrew’s first fMRI paper: Bayliss, A. P., Naughtin, C. K., Lipp, O. V., Kritikos, A. & Dux, P. E. (in press). Make a lasting impression: The neural consequences of re-encountering people who emote inappropriately. Psychophysiology.

13th August 2012 – Paper published! Dana gets two top papers out in the same month… same again in September? Schneider, D., Lam, R., Bayliss, A. P. & Dux, P. E. (2012). Cognitive load disrupts implicit theory of mind processing. Psychological Science, 23(8), 842-847.

6th August 2012 – Paper published! Schneider, D., Bayliss, A. P., Becker, S. & Dux, P. E. (2012). Eye movements reveal sustained implicit processing of others’ mental states.. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 141(3), 433-438.

16th July 2012 – Welcome to Dr. Stefanie Becker, from UQ, visits the lab for a few days this week

26th June 2012 – Congratulations to Emma Moreton who won a UEA Social Sciences Faculty scholarship to complete an MRes in the lab from September!

8th May 2012 – Paper accepted, and it’s a biggie: Bayliss, Murphy, Naughtin, Kritikos, Schilbach & Becker (in press). ‘Gaze leading’: Initiating simulated joint attention influences eye movements and choice behaviour. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General. Thanks and congratulations to my colleagues in Brisbane and Cologne!

22nd April 2012 – Andrew joins the editorial board of Visual Cognition to serve as a Consulting Editor.

12th April 2012 – Mario Dalmaso from Giovanni Galfano’s lab in Padova will visit the lab for one year from October as part of his PhD training – this will be a great year!

23rd March 2012 – Congratulations to Gareth Edwards who has won a UEA Social Sciences Faculty scholarship to complete a PhD in the lab! Gareth will join the lab in September 2012 following his MSc at Bangor.

22nd March 2012 – Welcome to: Megan Howard, Laura Richardson, Jessica Hutchinson, Sophie Domogala, Vicky Adams, Sarah Heath, Matthew Jais, Naledi Hollbruegge and Lane Binder, who have joined the lab to complete their final year research project!

27th February 2012 – Paper published! Kritikos, A., Taggart, L., Painter, D. R. & Bayliss, A. P. (2012). Something in the way she moves me: Morphology and motion of observed goal-directed and pantomimed actions. Attention, Perception & Psychophysics, 74(1), 36-42.

30th January 2012 – Paper published! Kritikos, A., Dozo, N., Painter, D. R., & Bayliss, A. P. (in press). Mountain high, valley low: The influence of articulation on reach trajectories. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, 65(1), 39-54.

15th January 2012 – Paper accepted! Schneider, D., Lam, R. Bayliss, A. P., & Dux, P. E. (in press). Cognitive load disrupts theory of mind processing. Psychological Science.

9th January 2012 Dana Schneider, with Dux, Slaughter and Bayliss, win a small project grant from the APEX Foundation for Research into Intellectual Disability to extend her excellent PhD work with individuals with Asperger’s syndrome. Congrats, Dana!

23rd November 2011 – Andrew presents at the internal psychology seminar series – the talk was on “The social life of objects”

28th October 2011 – Paper published! Bayliss, A. P. & Kritikos, A. (2011). The autism-spectrum and perceptual load: Individual differences in the typically developed populationJournal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 41, 1573-1578. 

1st October 2011 – Welcome to Gregory Howard who joins the lab as a Research Assistant and to visiting Psychology 3rd year student Florencia Cabral who joins as a Research Intern!

26th September 2011 – Paper accepted! Kritikos, A., Taggart, L., Painter, D. R. & Bayliss, A. P. (in press). Something in the way she moves me: Morphology and motion of observed goal-directed and pantomimed actions. Attention, Perception & Psychophysics.

10th August 2011 – Paper accepted! Schneider, D., Bayliss, A. P., Becker, S. & Dux, P. E. (in press). Eye movements reveal sustained implicit processing of others’ mental states. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.

28th July 2011 – Andrew’s book chapter with Steve Tipper has been published in the Handbook of Face Perception, a comprehensive edited volume with 45 excellent chapters: Tipper, S. P. & Bayliss, A. P. (2011). The impact of social gaze perception on attention. In A. J. Calder, G. Rhodes, J. V. Haxby, M. H. Johnson (Eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Face Perception (pp551-570). Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

6th July 2011 – Andrew presented a paper: ‘Grasping the concept of personal property’, at the Experimental Psychology Society meeting in Nottinham. An excellent meeting all-round. Thanks to the RISC panel at SWP for funding the trip!

29th June 2011 – Andrew won a British Academy Small Grant to investigate gaze perception… now in 3D!

1st June 2011 – Two papers out this month, in Cognition and JEP:HP&P. Bayliss, A. P., Bartlett, J. Naughtin, C. K. & Kritikos, A. (2011). A direct link between gaze perception and social attention. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance, 37(4), 634-644. and Constable, M. D., Kritikos, A. & Bayliss, A. P. (2011). Grasping the concept of personal property. Cognition, 119(3), 430-437.

26th May 2011 – Paper accepted for publication in QJEP: Kritikos, A., Dozo, N., Painter, D. R., & Bayliss, A. P. (in press). Mountain high, valley low: The influence of articulation on reach trajectories. Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology.

13th May 2011 – Andrew Bayliss’ work on ‘personal property’ is covered in the Danish science magazine “Ingeniøren”